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This gorgeous set contains 12 Hand-Crafted, Cruelty Free Makeup Brushes.

The bristles are made from the highest quality synthetic hair and the handles are made from sustainable wood.

It also comes with a specially designed faux-leather zipped case.

This complete collection has been designed to include all the brushes you’ll need to create the most flawless application with ease.


Here at Walford-Richards Designs we only use the best quality Vegan synthetic hair for our brushes, this is why:

  • They are easier to clean and repel bacteria and dirt.

  • The brushes are virtually shed proof.

  • They work perfectly with both cream and powder products.

  • As synthetic hair is manmade you can be sure that no animal was harmed in the creation of each brush.


    We have included:

  • Powder/Bronzer Brush

  • Flat Topped Foundation/Finishing Brush

  • Angled Foundation/Contour/Blush Brush

  • Detail Contour/Blush Brush

  • Fan/Highlight Brush

  • Fluffy Finishing Eye Brush

  • Eye Crease Brush

  • All Over Eye Shadow Brush

  • Smudge/Detail Brush

  • Concealer Brush

  • Lip Brush

  • Brow/Liner Brush


    This list is just a guide as the uses for this set is limitless!


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