"We're all born naked & the rest is Drag!"

- RuPaul Charles  - 

In 2016 James Walford -Richards saw there was a need for Ethically Sourced, Cruelty Free & Vegan cosmetic products that were created with thought, care and attention. 

Walford-Richards Designs

was born.

Spotting the need for an extremely effective makeup brush cleaner, James incorporated his knowledge of soap making and by fine tuning the components, adding specific essential oils and luxurious conditioners designed a revolutionary solid cleansing balm.

" The Best Make Up Brush Cleaner" 

This gorgeously scented, highly effective, conditioning brush cleanser is already an Industry favorite and has won 2 highly coveted Beauty Awards in 2018, proving that it is a must have kit essential for any make up artist or enthusiast.

More recently after 12 months of designing, tweaking and trialing, James has launched the highly anticipated

"The Complete Makeup Brush Collection"

A selection of 12 CRUELTY FREE, Hand Crafted, specifically designed brushes incorporating the finest synthetic bristles & ergonomically designed handles that are ethically sourced.

Everything at Walford-Richards Designs is Individually hand-crafted, using the best quality components and made with Love here in the UK