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About this item

* Compact eyelash curler which is fully portable, designed to fit easily in your make up bag.

* The arc of the eyelash curler has been specially designed to fit the entire eye perfectly, it will not pinch the eye, and is more comfortable and safe to use.

* Comes with one ready to use silicone rubber pad and one refill

* Material: Body: Polycarbonate, ABS resin; Spring: Stainless steel; Rubber pad : Silicone rubber

* Dimensions: W: 5.7 x D: 3.5 x H: 1.8cm

* To use: simply place the open aperture of the lash curler gently at the base of your upper lashes, ensuring that the lashes are inside the aperture and not buckled. Gently squeeze the trigger making sure that no skin has been caught, if it has please readjust. Hold for 5 seconds per eye. After release apply your favourite mascara for a fabulous eye opening look.

Compact Eyelash Curler

SKU: 0050
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