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Walford-Richards Designs

Individually Handcrafted

Welcome to our online store, where beauty meets compassion! Discover the epitome of beauty with our exquisite range of makeup brushes, meticulously crafted to enhance your beauty routine while upholding our commitment to cruelty-free practices. Each brush is a masterpiece, designed to elevate your makeup application to a new level of precision and artistry.


But that's not all – we take pride in offering a hand-poured cruelty-free brush cleaner, made with love right here in the United Kingdom. 

This exceptional cleaner is infused with essential oils and enriched with extra conditioners, ensuring that your brushes remain soft, luscious, and ready to create flawless looks every time. Our formula is gentle on both your brushes and the environment, ensuring a deep cleanse without harming any furry friends. Experience the luxury of cruelty-free beauty with our award-winning brush cleaner today. 


Discover the perfect brushes to blend, contour, and define with grace, and complete your beauty ritual with our eco-conscious brush cleaner. Elevate your makeup experience and make a compassionate choice today.

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